Neighbours From Hell 2 Demo

Fun game that lets players play pranks on the annoying family next door

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Neighbours From Hell 2 Demo
Neighbours From Hell 2014

Play pranks on your neighbors to keep them from making your life a living hell.

If you enjoy games with a cartoon quality and that are full of humor, then this is a game that you'll enjoy. Your neighbors in the game do everything possible to irritate you at all times of the day. The pranks that you can pull on your neighbors are all in fun, but the goal of the game is to get them to back off so that you can have some privacy while you're outside or while you're trying to enjoy time with your family. Your neighbors do everything from watering their lawns while you're outside at the same time but tend to spray water over on your lawn or complete repairs on the home while you want peace and quiet.

You are given a variety of objects to use to pull your pranks. The objects can be placed in certain locations so that they can be found by your neighbors or used with other items for a bigger prank. As you make combinations that are successful and irritate your neighbors, you're given access to more materials. The pranks shouldn't harm your neighbors. They are done to get a laugh on your end, and once your neighbors decide to prank you back, then you can get a good laugh in as well. The game goes back and forth in this fashion until you stop playing or until one neighbor has been declared the master prankster. Colors in the game are rich, and the details are fun to look at while you're playing. There aren't a lot of modern details, but the actions are hilarious to watch. The sound effects remind you of a cartoon that you might watch on a Saturday morning.


  • Comical game
  • Lots of pranks to play


  • Simple concept
  • Repetitive

Neighbors from Hell is a popular strategy game with the theme of tricking neighbors and achieving new levels of finding humorous levels of unsuspecting characters.

Neighbors from Hell plays off of the common occurrence of that annoying neighbor. This is one of those interactive games that is part subjective strategy and humor. The objective is to play crude and funny tricks on a neighbor using various tools and objects. Each level will have both actions to complete and tools available to unlock for gaining additional points. There are several zones in each level to explore in addition to training modes to learn new tricks.

A few examples of tricks to learn include using pranks for distraction or initiating annoying noises. Rooms are unlocked throughout the game as you gain points and experience. Basic rooms, such as a hallway and kitchen, are given to players initially. The game becomes more difficult when you have to manage several new unlocked rooms and maintain a level of anonymity to your unsuspecting neighbor.

The cast of characters are placed in anime and cartoon style graphics with accompanying sound effects. The neighbor character of the game, Mr. Rottweiler, is a hilarious rendition of a character who has several pets and quirks throughout the game. Woody is the main character that creates pranks to pull on Mr. Rottweiler. Mr. Rottweiler has several pets including a guard dog and a parrot. A narrator gives hints throughout the game and useful tips in the training mode. Obstacles within Neighbors from Hell include a run-in with the neighbor's pets. The pets alert Mr. Rottweiler to your antics, so it's important to keep a watchful eye during gameplay.

This game has recently been ported to several consoles such as GameCube, Xbox, and Nintendo DS. The PC version is available for Windows 7 and has a light installation for speed.


• Engaging gameplay with wit and humor

• Good dialogue

• Sharp graphics and animation


• Limited amount of level-ups during gaemplay

• Pranks can be repetitive

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